Our Farm's Story

We have been farming and a part of Texas agriculture for many generations. Many things have changed from chemicals, technology, and methods. Over time modern agriculture has pushed production past the point in which is sustainable. Agriculture has become dependent on genetic modification and chemicals to turn a profit. We have chosen to step back and make changes against the norm. We don't use growth hormones or antibiotics. Our animals are fed grain that is Certified Organic and Non GMO, S. All of our animals are pasture raised. All spend their lives on grass, in nature, the way they were intended to live.

Why Regenerative Agriculture?

  • Improved Nutrient Dense Foods- by improving the soil you improve the food
  • No Unnatural Inputs- chemicals cause harm and dependence
  • Environmental Impact- Sequester Carbon by improving the organic matter in the soil

We believe that becoming more involved with our animals well being and lands heath allows us to provide healthier food for local communities.

As with nature, our animals have symbiotic relationships. The cattle graze the tall forage and are followed by the poultry that scratch and spread the manure left behind by the larger animals, while doing so they eat all the bugs and worms stopping the pest life cycle. The poultry manure is high in nitrogen which helps with the fertility of the pasture.